Yyaaayyy….. My first blog ever……

Hmmm… Wondering how to begin… Well here it comes…..

Hi… Y’all…. This is my very first blog post.. And I’m really feeling excited.. Can’t tell why exactly but I think its because I’ve had so many ‘things’ I have started but neva got around to completing them.. I can remember then some friends and I had this idea of writing a novel..story book.. Or whatever you choose to call it, but a book with a storyline in it.. We actually did buy a note.. But never got past the second page/leaf of the note..*please don’t laugh, because I can’t tell what happened cause I don’t know*.

But I’ve got this feeling that this is going to be very different, cause I’ve got you guys to read and criticize my post.

I really do like writing.. Actually was into poetry at a point, most of them made it to the papers…then ‘that thing that I don’t know’ happened again..*sad face* And I just kept that part of my life aside until recently..
I’ve decided now that…whatever it is I feel like doing, I do it immediately I think of it or at least make conscious efforts to start..so in the end its like ‘the spur of the moment’ kind of thing. That’s how I found myself picking up my phone and openin a blog on the web…got a push from a few though.. And I’m grateful for that..

I don’t have the faintest idea how to do this but every new born always learns to crawl before walking.. *how could I do this, not introduce myself before I got carried away typing* pardon me.. “kalm one” is going to be my name here….
Really loving this anonymity right now.. Makes it a whole lot easier to write…hehehe…..

Somehow I’ve managed to fill up this blog…. *wondering how I never kept diary*…… Yeah now I remember why…. Back then when people knew that their diaries had been read, they get angry and bitter… And I thought to myself ‘why write it down if you don’t want it read??? ‘. Or why tell someone a secret if you don’t want it heard???….

After all said and done… ‘What’s the moral lesson?’ (a friend of mine always asks). Well it’s this….. ‘Procrastination is the thief of time’ they say… So why wait? Take that decision now.. Buy that thing now.. Make that trip now.. Say those words now *yes those words and MEAN IT* just do whatever it is you’ve been putting off.. You ll be surprised at what you are capable of…

Y.O.L.O *you only live once*


16 thoughts on “Yyaaayyy….. My first blog ever……

  1. 'buchy says:

    @ last. i get to read all ‘o dem.
    can i get an Halleluyah… lol.
    ur narrative skills aint bad doe.
    u jst need a lil polishing doe.

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