you just wanted to be forgotten abi????

Hello everyone.. How have y’all been? I guess all has been splendid so far..

Just wanted to share an experience I had some days back..

On tuesday I was informed of a class we were to have at 11am the next day (wednesday).. And I wasn’t in school…. *oh please don’t give me that ‘what a serious student you are’ look, we were meant to have a few days break*…. Anyways I left for school as early as 7am the next day… I had to walk and wait and walk again and wait again and about 8am, I got a cab that took me to the park ..* be jjc no good sha.. As I was new to the area there were certain things I didn’t know*

Back to my story…. I got to the park and had to wait for a while for the cab to fill up.. And finally at 9am we left the park for school.. Got to school few minutes to eleven.. On getting to class, met some of my mates and we were just there gisting and waiting for the lecturer… You won’t believe this ooo…..#see me trying to be a good student when some of my mates didn’t come#….. The beloved class didn’t hold..#angry face.. Wasted transport, energy, and time… After waiting for over an hour everyone started leaving one by one..

I decided to use the opportunity to pick up some things from the hostel…after which I went back to benin….

In a hurry to get a bus on getting to the park in benin, I forgot my bag in the boot.. I didn’t even remember then o, was already in the bus when I remembered and came down..went back to get my bag….then took another bus to ring-road… Still in a hurry to get to my destination, took another cab home, and guess what happened again…

I FORGOT THE BAG AGAIN IN THE BOOT….#aaarrrggghhhh….I need flogging right??…

Anyways the long and short of the matter is that I later went back to the park to get my bag sha….#pheww at last…

After everything I just thought to myself.. This bag just wanted to be forgotten today at all cost abi.. Mtchewwwwww… #smh.. That’s me blaming the bag o, like it has a mind of its own… Anyways I felt better afterwards…#grins…

So so so…. Guess most of you have had worse or better days, how did u take it?? Did you cry or laugh through it or beat yourself to death about it?? Did it help you feel better??

Anyways always find a way nice way of coping with these days…because when you look back on these events you just laugh about how stupid you acted….

Finally in the spirit of lent… Don’t forget to give alms, fast, pray and most of all FORGIVE…





16 thoughts on “you just wanted to be forgotten abi????

  1. Blazin flamez... says:

    Mystery bag.. Tired of u been its owner. Just wants 2 find its way back 2 Balogun markt. SET D CAPTIVE FREE. Lol

  2. segun says:

    U̶̲̥̅̊ rily need serious flogging…*grins*..nyways thnk God U̶̲̥̅̊ found Ȋ̝̊̅τ̅.the lesson i learnt is dt selfconsciousness is impt even if sumtin is working against us.Nyce job Tega!

  3. 'buchy says:

    is diz lyk ur e~diary? lol.
    newaiz, i suspect dere wasnt anytin important in dat bag of urz…. cuz if dere was, u no go forget am @ all.

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