Might not be so lucky the 3rd time

Hiya…… How have you been?? As for me, I’ve been enjoying this break I had and it has come to an end…… Getting back to the reality of medical school..*phew*

Just wantd to share another funny story

After that incident of forgetting my bag, I did another silly thing… For those of you who wanted to flog me previously, I’m wondering what you will do when you hear this.. How can someone be so forgetful and careless twice in like 8 days..#i really need to get my head checked right??… Hmm those village people ooo…*lips sealed*

A couple of days back, I went to get some things from the market for my house…table,chair, curtain etc… When I got to where I was to get the curtain, they didn’t have any that was already-made… So I had to wait for a while.. While I was waiting I was doing a few things on my phone to while away time.. When they were through, I paid for the curtains and went to get other stuffs… *since its market …I was consciously guarding my bag to avoid theft*

Finally I got home tired and exhausted after spendin almost 3 hrs.. Onli to realise a few minutes later that my phone was not with me

Hmmm…… You don’t wanna know how I felt… I checked the bag that I was so preciously guarding and it wasn’t there, even checked inside my Fridge…*yeah u read right, “fridge”… When your bb gets missing you’ll check worse places..

Anyways finally had to call the curtain shop…with the number on the receipt..and I was told to come and get my phone but that the person who found it just wants food…*stunning* …

So as fast as my legs could carry me, I left with a friend to go and get it o… Didn’t take food along but dropped some cash for the person… *can you imagin?? JUST FOOD???…… Good people still do exist…. Thank God oo……#funny things have happened to me in this benin sha#

Anyways just before I leave you guys, here is something I read somewhere:

“If fear is staring you in the face, close your eyes so you don’t have to look at it”

Till my next blog……





9 thoughts on “Might not be so lucky the 3rd time

  1. paulplay says:

    I think we need 2 open a folder 4 u at Uselu psychiatry. Mayb tins will change. Or visit one of dose churches were d madness is flogged out of U̶̲̥̅̊. Hehehehehehe. LMAO.

  2. Blazin flamez.. says:

    Somfin in ur mind ??? hmm.. Dat lightening struck same place x2 doesn’t mean it wil hapen again oo. Pls, b kiaful

  3. Blazin flamez... says:

    Somfin in ur mind??? hmm.. Dat lightening struck same place x2 doesn’t mean it wil happen again oo. Pls, b kiaful

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