The Gift Of Health


How have you all been?? Hope everything is going on well…. This is just something I’ve been pondering upon for a while now…


Do u know how lucky you are?? That you just have little health problems like malaria or cough or even none at all??

Have you ever been to a hospital.. I mean a government one where most people can afford treatment and even get some for free?? Trust me its a sorry sight…


People are suffering… There are so many diseases out there.. One would just think that these pictures in medical textbooks are just mere pictures, but my dear they are real…

I used to think that most malignancies(cancers), certain kinds of cardiac(heart) problems were far fetched and just textbook illnesses… But was forced to drop that way of thinking after being around the hospital for just close to 6 months…


You’ll see some patients today and when you get back the next day, some are dead… Some people just lie there knowing what ever treatment they are getting is only palliative and not definitive…#what a way to live#


The other day…I heard of someone who had a massively distended abdomen with fluid and whose liver was no longer working and obviously needed transplanting and since that was far fetched, the person was left with the option of having the fluid drained out and replaced with a another(human albumin which costs #24000/bottle) and this replacement can be done up to 3 times in a week…*IMAGINE* obviously this has been going on for a while…how much longer can the family keep doing that????


So please and please, whenever you wake up hale and hearty, just remember that its not by your power, always thank Him who made it possible.. Because you really don’t want to have a taste of what those people go through….


#just something to think about..






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