Why Worry

Worry; fret:
To torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts….
#with such definitions, one gets scared…which one is torment again…#

*by the way…. Sorry it’s been a while. Guess y’all have been cool.. I’ve really missed this…
Was going through some old stuff and found this… Thought I should share it with you….*

Here is the truth about worrying too much..
– 40% of your worries will never happen, for anxiety is the result of a tired mind.

-30% concerns old decisions which cannot be altered.

-12% centeres on criticisms, mostly untrue.

-10% is related to your health which worsens while you worry,

-8% is legitimate…

Showing that life does have real problems which may be met head-on when you have eliminated senseless worries.

So when tempted to worry about anything in particular… Ask yourself…
What percentage that worry is?
And you’ll discover that most of the time, all you worry about is the 40% things that will never happen….

Yeah, true… *reminds me of a song I know*

…Why worry when you can pray,
Tell Jesus, He knows the way,
do not be a doubting thomas,
while waiting upon his promise,
Why worry, (worry) 3x
Why worry, when you can pray….

So spread the news…and worry no more


9 thoughts on “Why Worry

  1. Peee says:

    Okay. I’ll think abt it… I worry dat u worry abt worrying a lot. LOL… Besides @ d end of it all worrying never ever gets 2 solve d prob… Now I’m worried abt encephalopathy cos I wonder if I’ve made any sense @ all. Whatever, don’t worry!

  2. J-prince says:

    I guess worryin has come to stay,its part of life…..it spices up some tentative situation u knw wot I mean!!…….kinda like lebron has realeased a 20foot floater from beyond the arc with d shot clock @ 0.05 seconds!!!

  3. izzy says:

    Too much of not worrying is bad for you, it makes you Obese and hypotensive. A little worry + a little not worrying= healthy life and a great blood pressure( provided u r nt a smoker or an alcolic or a member of illuminati *wink*)
    Ordinarily, I wouldn’t go to school, but because I worry about how wretched I’d be if I don’t have a job in future, I’ve gat da ginger to remain in school.
    And by d way, my exams start on monday… WISH me luck… And worry not abt my success, For I Am An Overcomer. Peace….xoxo

    1. Izzy o….lmao…u neva fail to make me laf…of cos d legitimate worry z wer it fits… N m sure of ur success so I aint worried…coz I knw who is behind you…it is well

  4. iamthedemigoddess says:

    I can personally relate to this cos I always worry about everything… I’ll really put this into practice.. Beautiful write up sister!! Kudos!

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