Weird jobs

    1. Hello friends…. Have really missed y’all.. *yeah yeah, I know you missed me too…winks*… This is one place that always makes me feel good no matter the circumstance.. Been tied up with academic duties…especially tests *which by the way has been postponed for the 4th time* (school authority haff taya me sha)

      On my way to the hospital one day, I passed by the mortuary, and saw lots of ambulances parked and empty…. And then I thought to myself…these drivers actually make a leaving out of this?? Jst seated all day waiting for their turn to be hired???
      It just got me thinking that in as much as everyone is trying to make ends meet..certain jobs are really weird…

      Think of the one who makes coffins for a living, I don’t mean a general carpenter oo, I mean one who is a specialist in coffins and that’s all he does..*as in consultant in that field…..

      Or is it those who hawk along the road, especially in traffic?? They really suffer o, running after vehicles all day… The funniest thing is that some now sell very awkward items..there is nothing that’s not hawked in traffic in naija o..I’ve actually seen a guy hawking a full role of tissues on the road…the sight was really funny and I thought how many could he possibly sell that will be enough to cater for himself??

      Or even those who sell rat killers, or push wheelbarrows in the market…..*i can’t imagine their pain and fustration..

      I know of a lady and mother of 3, who recently lost her husband and the main thing she sells is akara (bean-balls…as some prefer to call it) every morning…. If not for anything I always pray and hope she has another source of income… If not, how does she do it??,

      Then come to think of those who are sent abroad for prostitution by the so called SPONSORS…its so sad that they sell their bodies and the sponsors get paid…..IMAGINE!!!!

      This just shows that many people are suffering and would do just about anything to earn money..

      When you wake up each day, thank God for your matter what, because it could have been worse…*until you listen to the problems of others, you would think yours is worse..*

      So so so when next you see anyone doing an odd job, just say a little prayer for them…

      Till my next post

  • 6 thoughts on “Weird jobs

    1. iamthedemigoddess says:

      My dear, it’s the situation of things in this country! I’m sure they’ll give anything just to be educated and get another job… All we can do is pray that God meets them at the point of their needs…
      Nice write up Sister!! *muah*

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