Movie review…


    Ohk…. I just saw this movie for the 2nd time…. “Awake” and it just got me thinking do these things really happen in reality!!!! Its not a new movie though, but I recommend you see it…. Its cool…. The love, deception, betrayal, hurt are unimaginable….. But a mother’s love is wonderful sha.. Even the over protective ones….

    This patient was to have a heart transplant.. He was already on the operating table….. Gas mask and all in place, he was already unconcious, the doctor was opening up the chest unknown to him that his patient was mentally alert…. Uhn!!!! For real…… As in, he felt every pain, his chest opening up, one cracked rib in the process….. But even as he screamed, no-one heard him… *sad right….1st time I saw this movie….I was moved to tears*..
    This phenomenon is called the ‘anaesthetic awareness’….which left him paralysed but awake through out the operation….*imagine*.
    In his mentally alert-but-unconcious state, he got to hear ‘everything’ that was being said about him… his death was planned by those he trusted and loved…. *mehn…* what would you do??

    I kept wondering how it felt to know so much about what was happening and yet be so helpless as to watch your own murder!!!….
    Does this really happen to those unconscious patients we see everyday in the ward??
    Do they really hear what goes on around them?? Are they aware of Visits from family, friends and even those who just want to to mock them???
    Creepy thoughts right??? …. When next you find youself around an unconscious person,… Better mind what you say o…..because you never can tell if they hear o…. Best you play safe, else when they wake up, you’ll be done for…….

    NB* don’t worry about the name change, Mz goody-2-shoes is still 1 and the same me..



3 thoughts on “Movie review…

  1. iamthedemigoddess says:

    Forgot to tell them that I gave u that name ehn?! Miss goody two shoes!!! Buhahahahahahaha!! *that was an evil laugh!*

  2. izzy says:

    Mz kalmone turned goody-two-shoes. I have heard u gogo-ing me before, when u tot I was asleep. Lol… But as a mata of fact, it might b cool to be in such an awake situation, so u can get to know waho truly luvs u, has ur best interest in mind and who doesn’t … So dat afterwards, u can eradicate such ppl who r useless to u frm ur life, so long as u don’t die b4 d anaesthesia wears off….

  3. Peee says:

    Nice movie nd beautiful write up… D part dat got me wondering is if they still recall d xperience after they are out of d anaesthesia. It will be so difficult 2 trust again after such an xperience… Plus u’ll never want 2 go under d knife ever again.

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