A few random thoughts….


    1. *why do good things never last, as bad things tend to…..
      *why must there be a ‘judas’ in every gathering…
      *why do people just see long articles and lose hope??….
      *why tell someone ‘don’t be stupid’ and think its an advice……
      •why were we not created with our ‘adam’ or ‘eve’ stamped on their forehead… So we know right from the start and not date all the guys/girls before marriage….
      (On this note I recommend you see these movies ‘timer’ and ‘adjustment bureau’ they are really cool)

      *why does boiled corn have to smell nicer than it tastes…. Says a friend..
      *why do some girls say ‘I don’t talk to strangers’ yet they’ll say ‘I’m the friendly type’
      *some mothers don’t want to hear their daughters speak of guys yet they expect them to get married someday……. How???
      *why does it take so long to create something but just a few seconds to destroy it?
      •why does money have to come in slowly but leave very fast..

      *one would think bad goes with bad, but the bad girls mostly get the good guys..and vice versa I think
      *when you want to learn to drive, your parents say no, you are too small, when you finally learn, you become their ‘driver’ …..
      * who noticed that female shirts have their buttons on the left and males on the right..
      *i don’t get why a guy beats his gf/wife and its said that “he lays his hands” on her…. The word ‘lay’ doesn’t carry the magnitude of the harm done…. Its sounds more like “the pastor laid his hands on her” which we all know does no harm… So words like ‘beat, ‘hit’, ‘slap’, etc which conveys the message better should be used’……..
      •why do some adults like soggy rice… Is it that they don’t have teeth?? Or what??

      *you destroy my property and offer to replace it, I give you the go-ahead, then you get angry that I’m asking you to replace it….. Why the hell did you offer at first????
      * If you want girls to stop asking for what their father’s cant afford,you stop asking for what you cant collect from your mother! #gbam…. When I saw this…I laughed my ribs out…
      *its so easy to add weight….but to lose it back….. Its something else….
      *the moment to try to recall that song title, it skips away further…
      •you don’t value #5 till when you wanna buy something worth #200, and #195 is all you find after turning your house ‘upside down’ and ‘downside up’
      *why do people go out of their way to be ‘mean’ or ‘wierd’…… They really make efforts o..
      *why won’t you just read this post, comment and if possible follow this blog…*smiles*

      *if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew..#pocahontas#
      ……More to come

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