letting go…….

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    Its been a while and I have really missed having to update my blog, been busy with school issues..* medical school self, where every lecturer thinks their course is more important than the other…. And keep reminding you of how unserious you are and how in their days…..this….this and this happened….* YAWNS…..
    A lot has been happening these days o, from killings, flood, bombing, hurricane sandy etc.. God alone will continue to protect us….

    Now to the topic of the day………. When do you let go?? Let’s take the following scenarios:

    Initially you were the apple of his/her eyes, then the going was still good, you were still in the “tell-me-more-about-you” phase.. Everything they said sounded right or at least you made it right in your head… Then suddenly, things change, and you start been treated like crap, your suggestions no longer make sense, your very presence stimulates irritation..
    you notice the change and speak up about it, then the tables are turned round on you, blaming you for everything..
    Do you let go??
    You are in a relationship where you have been placed as 2nd best with your permission, and then they keep flaunting it in your face and making comparisons of how the other person is better than you…. And so on,…. *if d NO 1 was so perfect, why did they need a 2nd option???
    You are in an abusive relationship, where you accept all sorts of insults,maltreatment….*wake up and smell the coffee*… How much longer can you continue being the punching bag..


    You’ve been mad at someone for so long, its eating you up inside and you tell yourself, “I can’t and won’t ever forgive them”… How long will you keep being in that cage of unforgiveness…….

    Saw a movie where the daughter was abused by the mum’s bf, and the mum decided to turn a blind eye.. For her, that was the worst thing that could happen to her, and it really affected her… She lived a very miserable life


    You’ve been friends with this guy for years and both of you are just going with the flow, no one knows where they are headed, and the guy doesn’t define the relationship and you decide to let sleeping dogs lie……

    *just when is the right time to let go??*

    I would say the best time is NOW!!! Make those decisions today, and move on… because seriously there is NO TIME…… And remember, you can’t do it alone, as it is said “with God all things are possible”.



4 thoughts on “letting go…….

  1. chinese says:

    I,Here-to-fore let go of all the broke,lazy and discouraging. acquaintances I have taken on.and every other thing u mentioned.nice one kalm geh.

  2. omri says:

    For me,letting go in some cases is so not d word to use…prefer *running away*,*shooting him/her*,….how can u let go when ur mumz bf is abusing u and ur mumsi dey bone d mata *fat long hiss*….and that u sef now agreed to b 2nd fidle *rolling eyes*..u shuld soak garri wit indosid *strait face*….but seriously sha,its for d best dat we respect ourselves…wen ur condition devalues ur worth,its time to restrategise

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