1. Hmmmmm…………….. it’s been like over 3 months I sat down to write anything….. Thanks to school stress, and most especially psychiatry posting… It was a funny one, being with the mentally ill and all. To think I kind of lost interest in writing for this long, that’s one major sign of depression, who knows how many more you’ll find if I’m clerked…*smiles* I’ve really missed doing this, and I hope you all missed me too…. if not…………… *comments reserved*


      Now to the topic of the day, what really attracts you to the opposite sex? It’s something I’ve not really sat down to think about, and I know if I were in a group discussion and the question pops up, i would probably give my usual answer,

      ‘ I don’t know’ that’s not to say I don’t get attracted but I’ve not really thought to start putting whatever attracts me to words…. #a friend just told me, ‘tee you don’t get attracted joor, don’t deceive your readers’…..lol… but that’s not true now, I just don’t speak of such things often…. I felt hurt, sad, offended…… *but then this is me being all dramatic
      When asked this question, what would be your reply? Please don’t say God fearing, i know about that but I don’t think you actually see that they are God fearing at the first glance, some might argue otherwise though….. There could be a lot of things which make you steal that second glance at someone, some say it’s good looks, how beautiful or handsome they are, it’ ll definitely turn your head… is it the same for you?
      Black is beauty, goes the popular saying, but then some like them fair or even bleached… *lips sealed*.. What about if they are as tall as the iroko, average height or just petite/brief?? Is it how thick and endowed they are, or if they are as light as a feather?? Someone once said, my gf has to have a flat tummy, and i said to myself, i hope you also meet up with her ideal bf picture.. Are you a sucker for flat belly, gym-ed up bodies etc?



      Some like them much older or much younger or even their mates… is it their profession? Doctor, lawyers, nurses, engineers, bankers etc???? Or do they just have that ‘killer smile’??
      I’m a sucker for those who dress well…. in short that gets me looking a second time before i look at the face… there is just something about a guy who knows how to combine clothes…*wink* are you with me or not?????????



      Should they be ‘currency loaded’, have a motor/car/ride, have a popular name, or just have a connection with the limelight??? I know so many people who would go for this… but then there are some who will say ‘its really not all about the money’ and others who would rather beg the ground to swallow them up than be in the limelight…….


      In some cases, what attracts you, may not be the only thing which keeps you, that’s if eventually, you date them… so what makes someone a keeper or to be kept… personally, I think all the caring, God fearing, hardworking, loving, good sex, no sex etc would come into play here…
      I definitely can’t exhaust the list of ‘what attracts’ and ‘what keeps’ there would even be those I’ve never even heard of, this is where you come in, just leave a reply and let us have your opinion…


    1. Oooh, sizzling hot topic there!
      I’m attracted to MEN. Simple. As long as you are male, i’m attracted to you. Not to say, i’m a flirt: farrr from it.
      The thing now is, me being attracted to you doesn’t count. What counts is:
      1. Do I LIKE you; attraction is biology. Okay, then what kind of men do I like? Men that appear in my fantasies, I don’t know how they get there so, sorry guys I can’t give tips on how to work yourself into my head. 😦
      2. Do you like me back; If you don’t, yawa don gas!. Its a wasted effort, cos I won’t drool over you when you don’t even know my name.
      3. What do we get from being together?: that’s a whole new topic.
      Well, I really don’t know what i’m saying, so you’re right if you thought I was talking rubbish. Lol.
      Good one, T!

    2. Naomi says:

      I love tall,handsome men but the only thing that keeps me going with any man inside dis planet is really his heart not his looks or what he’s got,above all God fearing men not monsters.

    3. Rhymes says:

      Dis is a tricky one, we go on and on with a list of d perfect guy/girl. Hmm when it gets down to business a good majority tends to compromise esp when age comes knocking for d ladies and pressure for d guys.
      Personally in addition to d good qualities,I vote for generosity (stingy guys no be am oh, usury not be rich to be generous), average looks, good sense of humor(can’t stand a guy dat has none), versatility (he should be up to date on news etc) “cos he has to keep me updated on gist levels” lol.

    4. Me says:

      At d level of ATTRACTION, a gud looking X chromosome with a sizable gluteus( not extra large tho), a nice pair of ’em mammaries devoid of flaccidity, fair cmplexion, figure 8 of course, HOT lower limbs & an average height wud do d trick. Yeah! Dt wud definitely get me takin a 2nd glance.

    5. chinyere says:

      I hate bad boys, like I’m so nt attracted to dem, dnt knw y?? I like d mr “9ce guy”. You knw d soft kinda guy, prolly its cos I’m not as girlie as I wud like. Now I’m a sucker 4 a guy who cn speak well, if he must av an accent, betr not be d nasty kind, jus gud old plain gud english. And 4 a kipa, well, already said I love 9ce guys, buh a def 4 me, u def def, gotta be cute. *wink*…..lol

    6. Angela THomas says:

      1st of all the looks matter, then his manner of speech and attitude. Definitely he must av righteous money. But to crown it all he must be christ-like (handsome,tall, can lead).

    7. veektor01 says:

      First of all – go dwn low.
      Dnt mind me, jst bin kwazie. Lols.

      Welcom back “mama catho” lols.

      “ATTRACTION” hmnnn..
      Dis cud b viewd from diff perspectives.

      Let me first state dese facts :
      – dere is NEVER anytin like a “Perfect” man or woman. Dere is always a “but” in everyone..
      – NOTHING on earth is constant except “Change”..
      – “Nice people don’t necessarily
      fall in love with nice people.”

      Well, as for me, The Mysteries of attraction could not always be explained through logic and do u kw dat If you look up “charming” in
      the dictionary, you’ll see that it not only has references to strong attraction, but to spells and magic. Then again, what are liars if not great magicians?” Lols..

      I v loved n bin loved..
      N at ds point, I dnt kw wot I m attracted to..

      But wen it happens, I beliv d effects shud b magical. Lols

      Jst my own opinion oooo.

    8. ChukwuEmeka says:

      Well Money money money on my mind…empty show off actually is a big turn off…Complex of any sort is inferior and not healthy for any party…Wild girls r exciting and r most times even more God-fearing whenever they decide…Then I really like a girl who has personal realistic out of the box dream and exciting idea of how life should be spent…Lots of travel on my mind…And I really get attracted to a girl who loves money and its proper usage, also knows how to work for it…

    9. Harmy says:

      Hmmm…ok let’s see…umm honestly @ times, I feel I don’t even know what exactly it is that I want in particular coz looking @ d gurls I’ve dated (very short list tho), they seem 2 be nofin alike…well, maybe that’s why there was no “keeping” sha. Y’all would expect me 2 go listing “she must be pretty, smart, bootilicious wif a good attitude & all…” buh I believe @ d end of d day, those things…yes, they get my attention buh that thing that would keep me hooked is something simply inexplicable…I know its not something that can fade like all them looks, figure 8 & all…its just…well, I guess when I find it, I’ll know & maybe let u all know.

    10. Omwi says:

      T darlin where hav thou been,missed ur genuis ass badly…..Ermm dis discussion is pointin me out as an incredibly no-second-glance-guy *eyes rolling* but am no detard jor..show me d girl dats luvs d athletic guy and I will suddenly make her a sucker for me *winks*……my point is…..we all have a list of things d other person should be like/look like but that list is often flexible (very flexible)….We all knw wat omri loves,doz gigantic voluptous and tenderly wobbling gluteus accompanied with thin waist,high esteemed and pointing lactoferous sinuses….YES,I love those wit all of my heart *draws saliva*….Seriously tho,I tink wat attracts us is appearance and composure,she might be all dis things but behaves like a 12yr old…*picks race*…he might smell good and dress good with a boko-haram accent…or very good looking dude with OCD to nail every chick he sees….so its LUST at first sight actually and what KEEPS u guys is a set of other things basically the COMPLETE PACKAGE…..so for ppl like me,as long as I hav a gud heart and do wat I’m gud at continuosly,dt tall gorgeously lookin guy’s gf would wish she were mine….*double wink*

    11. izzy says:

      I get attracted by his handsome face, tall height, nice clothes, and of cos his cool ride!
      Who nor dey look d person wen dey come down frm range rover sport2?
      Some cars r attention seeking on their own, so abeg make we talk true. *wink*
      Plus there r so many tins dat keeps me… Top of d list is being a good kisser… Bottom of d list is rolling his waist like Iyanya. *winks*. So wats in d middle of d list.? Hehehehe.
      Heheheehe.. If any1 with d above qualities happens to b on dis Tega’s blog.. Plz don’t be confused..my real Email is Izogieeke@yahoo.com,
      Let’s be contacting.. Lol.

    12. Peee says:

      T baby, I agree wiv d person dat thinks u dnt get attracted *runs* As 4 me, A guy dat smells good will def get a 2nd glance. I appreci8 a man dat is conscious of use of deodorants nd colognes nd perfumes.Then pls all dose facial hairs be kept in check, no moustache 4 chrissake!!! A neatly kept beard can do nd OMG I just love sideburns!!! Then yes, I’m totally in2 d athletic build_ just think of all those well sculpted muscles *drooling* pls dnt get me wrong, I aint talkin of dose guys dat look like inverted triangles n re almost burstin frm use of steroids. Abeg o, I dnt need sum1 whose punch will send me 2 my death @ d slightest provocation… Just pls no pot belly, tnx. I could go on n on buh den its just a comment not my own blog. Attractn z generally superficial but then d keepin is d deep part. For me its simple, we should hav a good understandin nd be compatible by our terms. Shikena. Until ur nxt blog T, I remain thy faithful reader. Dnt kip us starvin 2 long, ok? 1luv.

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