Blue Diamond

It was one of those rainy days in benin city, i stood in front of my house, with an umbrella waiting for a cab, a couple passed but were not going my way…. when i finally found one, i happily got in, there was a lady seated in front, and another guy at the back with me. As i got in,

the driver was saying he didn’t have change and that hope we all had change for him, the lady in front realised she didn’t have change, and she came down from the cab.

So the driver drove on with myself and the guy seated behind. After driving for about 3mins, the guy beside me started telling the driver to drop him o, that he didn’t have change, after grumbling, the driver finally parked….. after coming down, the guy started talking to the driver:

Guy: ‘oga please o, i be new person for this place, i come from agbor and i dey find Dr Ojo’

He brought out a piece of paper and gave to the driver, it contained the following – Dr Ojo, No 10, siluko rd benincity.

Driver: i don’t know him o, but siluko road dey far from here o, why you dey find this man?

Guy: the Dr na bone doctor

Driver: where the person wen break leg, wen wan see the Dr?

Guy: no be say person break leg o, but *something* fall on top of person, and e come dey vomit blue diamond……………

Driver: *exclaims with so much sympathy* REALLY!!!!!! EEEYYYAAAAA……. oo oooo oo na dat Dr Ojo *something* wen dem dey advertise for tv with IYABIYE TAYESHE???? (Iyabiye is a popular herbal doctor)

Guy: yes o……… oga

All this while i was in the cab, and it was still parked by the side of the road…. they were having their conversation o, wetin concern me, i kept quiet, waiting for them to finish, and then the driver turned to me and said:

‘you hear wetin e dey talk about so? About Blue diamonds??’

Noticing that they obviously wanted me in on their discussion, i just opened the door closest to me to get out of the cab, the the driver started grumbling o………… ‘abeg abeg, pass the other door o, no let another car jam my door joor….. that’s how i came down o, the agbor guy got back in, and the driver drove off without a word……

No be only blue diamonds o, typical 419…..

We really need to be careful of getting involved in the conversations in cabs we enter these days o, as no more bikes in benin, we have all been sentenced to taking cabs, please don’t let your greed lead you into the hands of the wrong set of people………


6 thoughts on “Blue Diamond

  1. Thelma says:

    Lol the story doesn’t really change, entered one too, d dude claimed he had 10m n d boot and hw was just coming from agbor and d driver was n on it also

  2. Valerie says:

    I’ve experienced something similar in a cab in benin. Pls be careful, don’t act like you know to much and start contributing to their conversation or asking questions….its all planned work, the driver and the passenger(s) know each other and I heard that the use jazz, spell, juju. So if you are so inquisitive about what they are discussing about, keep quiet, get down from the cab, taxi, go to the nearest cybercafe and google it….lol….stay safe.

  3. prince of GOD says:

    Mz goody-two shoes… Nice lession to take home with. I will never forget this incidence. Thanks for getting us informed. Real DIAMOND. Keep the wheel rolling *lol*.

  4. veektor01 says:

    So dese idiots r even in benin..
    Well, dem say delta babes no dey carry last. Lols.
    Experienced same som yrs back.
    Dis tym d man said he had many drums of films.. (As in paper films dat turns into moni wen dipped into a special kind of chemical)
    Wot won’t we see in dis country.
    Thumbs up to u doe.

  5. iamthedemigoddess says:

    Lmaooo! No be only blue diamonds! If they know they want free money, they should come up with better stories! Bunch of hungry idiots!

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