Tractor-like Gen

Hey guys, how has it been, guess you’ve been good.

Hmmmm…… I’m just here, lying on my bed, and trying to read for my up-coming test, but to no avail, all thanks to:

•My LandLord’s Generator, not the ‘i-beta-pass-my-neighbour-gen’ o, I’m talking of the cassava-engine type.

The thing is, when PHCN strikes in my area, we still have hope that it’s not going to stay as long as a pregnancy.

But when this gen comes on, it’s really terrible, especially for me, as the generator is directly beside my room window.

Most times I wish, it just develops a fault and never comes back on ;-), evil right? But then my good side wishes for PHCN to bring back the light or for the Land-Family to just travel for a really long time..

In addition to being at risk of acoustic deafness, I think little of the air pollution also gets into my room, even though most of the fumes are directed via a pipe through the fence outside the compound.

Then the latest development, is that, they now own 2 annoying dogs.. With very wierd names ‘bullet and chinny/chilly (can’t really tell from the way they call it) and No, I don’t know their breed (not a dog lover joor)…

They eat anything, from clothes on the line to pipes.. Yes o, those outside plumbing pipes, both that of the kitchen and toilet… One would think these dogs are starved or sent by the evil one…

These dogs, can literally bark one’s ears off…. I don’t know if the dogs in my area partake in a barking competition o, because once chilly abi chinny and bullet start, others from their various compounds follow… *beaten up*

And then I’m left to, train myself to be immune to their noise, so even when I’m happy that oohhh PHCN have finally been nice, these beloved dogs get to burst my bubble……

Honestly, I’ve contemplated giving them a dose of diazepam or any other sedative available o…. Yeah o I have, anything to get a meaningful night’s rest…..

*I wish I could upload a recording of the tractor-gen and then the dogs*

Till my next post, stay cool


17 thoughts on “Tractor-like Gen

  1. MvP says:

    What a coincidence!…one ov ma dogs also bears “bullet”. Pretty cool. Instead ov diazepam, why don’t u inject ’em with 5mls of “sniper” each? It works lyk magic…hehe

  2. Ty says:

    Bout d gen I feel u jare. But as ur landlord to connect you room to d gen’s source na. Atleast then itld become abit bearable.

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