Worthy and Wacky Quotes

Its never too late to wish you ‘happy new year’ so long as this is still the 1st month of the year. I’ve been off for a while and I was duly scolded for it, sorry about that but I’m here now. šŸ™‚

Today I’m all about worthy and wacky quotes…. I ve tried to get a few, but would leave you to decide which is worthy or not.


* fight for your right doesn’t mean an antelope should stand up to a lion to prove that it’s made of flesh too… Be wise.

* the Cow who is in a hurry to go to America will eventually return as Corned Beef – hahahahahahaha…

Who ever coined this…. Seems That of the fly following the dead body to the grave didn’t do enough justice.

* do you think you’ld be as tall as the ceiling of a house before you have sense?? This is my mum’s fave, and she says it in Urhobo, can’t recall the number of times its been directed at me though. # can’t watch#

* today’s friend is tomorrow’s family – now this quote I like, picked it from an episode of NCIS…
* Silence is the best answer given to fools… This was one very popular one back in secondary school, during quarells and fights. Of course after quoting that to someone, its no more silence na… For some quotes to be meaningful, its best not uttered…

*do not forget your old friends, a new broom may sweep well, but an old one knows all the corners

*no matter how full a bus is, the driver’s seat is always reserved

*you can’t have your cake and eat it

*he who puts stew on jollof rice has trust issues.

*in some cultures it’s said that ‘children don’t determine the size of the family’… Is this an excuse for adultry

*as you make your bed, so you ll lie on it…… How many people lay beds again,

*the patient dog gets the fatest bone..

*when towel wet, you go know say water don touch am……

*a child can play with his mother’s breast but not his father’s testicles

*getting married to a girl that weighs more than 80kg is polygamy

*the man who who marries a beautiful woman and the man who plants corn by the road side have the same problem.

*the rice on top the cooler was once at the bottom of the pot

* violence is never the answer except the question is ‘what is never the answer?’

*the average woman outlives the average man because women don’t have wives, but with gay marriages these days……….who knows

*if you answer a silly question you are just as silly as the one who asked it. Prov 26:4

*dont look too intently at a virgin or you might find yourself forced to pay a bride price.. Sirach 9:5

*its better to keep quiet and let others think you are a fool, than to actually speak and confirm the fact.

* just before you brag about how rich you are, remember your account balance is someone’s tithe..

But before I leave you, I’ve got something you should try out this year:

+ Try and Save 20 percent of every cash you earn/receive, it helps in those rainy and broke days

Food for thought!! With gays getting 14yrs jail term, what then happens to those prisoners who are gay???


15 thoughts on “Worthy and Wacky Quotes

  1. Peee says:

    If they weren’t already sentenced 4 life, they’ll get extra jail time. And u forgot the almighty, “what an elder sees while sitting, a young man cannot c even from a treetop. Good 2 have ya back

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