Another Val’s day coming…….

Its that long awaited time of the year again, season of caring, charity and most of all love… Some people though, imagine in the first week of january some had already started talking of vals day, on their PMs, shuooo… They hadn’t even allowed the new year to start properly. Anyways, now they can say all they want…

Well, we all know how this day came about, the story of St. Valentine, his passion for wedding couples in love etc.. It pretty much summarizes the theme of this day… LOVE…

Some may have been thinking, ‘how will I spend the up coming val’s day?’ Some would have been searching frantically for a val, in order to receive gifts, and others planning on how to be ‘offline’ that day… Whatever your plan is, ‘I dey greet o’.

Here are some options that might help:

-if you are hooked up, and your partner is around, you would probably like to do something memorable and fun, beach, movies, window shopping, actual shopping, etc… You no get problem.



– if you are not hooked up, and you also have single friends around you, then, y’all should go out and do something fun, and find a way to share/spread the love….

– if you are not hooked up, and ‘unfortunately’ you still don’t have any friends.. Hmm nawa, well, its one of two things,
*if you are financially bouyant, go and shop and get things for the less priviledged etc, they would really appreciate..
*if you are not, abeg, stay in your house o, if you don’t go out, you won’t see people who are celebrating. #not if you are on BBM sha, it can’t happen, DPs ll b changing by the second, try and be happy for them#

You can decide to have fun at home, in your own way, and still be happy… Look for something you like doing, but haven’t done in a while, do it to keep busy, get popcorn and watch movies in your house.. Or better still….. Sleep through the whole day…


Well as for me……………….. 😡 😡 😡



11 thoughts on “Another Val’s day coming…….

  1. prince of GOD says:

    14/02/2014… Finally, this day came and ll soon pass, just a matter of hours. Good advice for the singles and hooked. But, PRINCE aint moving an each from my comfort zone#home. Pls, tessy, I ll love to have that bedsheet. Lol.

  2. chineze says:

    Its probably psychological I have these intense aversion to red on vals day…what if the single ppl get gifts for their equally single friends…in a way its still helping out the less priviledged…tega love,I’ll get u that flavored dental floss u always wanted #big grin..bullets for my valentine….

  3. izzy says:

    Thank Good u r my friend…I fall
    into d single with friends category, so I shall be at your dormot 5pm on Friday, for u to take me to those fun places.
    @ Peee…. How can u advice urs like dis, wen u shall be in honeyland, licking honey with ur honey on honey day. Ain’t cool oh

  4. Peee says:

    Or better still, for the singles, just wake up and go on with your very normal routine. If you are a student go to school, worker go to your place of work and work so hard you won’t even notice the fuss. Afterall, it isn’t a public holiday. Thank God it happens to fall on a friday, you could still end your day with a fun activity that isn’t too out of ordinary like party, club, movies or sleep.

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