Good Riddance

‘Who no go no know’… So goes the popular saying, well until I had to rent a house in benin, I never knew the intricacies of being a tenant, and living with your landlord/landlady.
    Well I’ve had my own experience of residing in the same compound with your landlord/landlady.
  Recently we (my friends and I) had to move from the place we were staying, it was originally a duplex but the landlord separated it, he was with his family up, while we were down… mehn, the rules and regulations sha….. It started with:
    *”I don’t want male visitors in my compound” — shuo, we’re young and unmarried, and fortunately/unfortunately weren’t flashed/called by the Most High..

     *”Introduce one boy as your boyfriend so that he alone would be allowed to visit you”. —- in otherwords, when If you break up, you should report to them also….mtchewww
    *”You are expected to clean the compound regularly”, —- irrespective of the fact that its their dogs that mess up the whole place with faeces, we’re to clean after them.
    *”Your visitors should not park their vehicles in the compound” —- as they have 2 bus-like cars that occupy the little space available, after they converted every other space to shops (about 6 in all), including the gateman’s quaters… Shey they were not expecting one to progress and own a car?

     We also had to put up with noise pollution from one of the surrounding shops, a barbing saloon, we practically shared a wall, you could communicate, and the music from the saloon was so loud, the dinning window frame shakes from the vibrations of the speakers…
     Next was their tractor-gen, check my previous post here .. It was so close to my window, that one could inhale some of the exhaust fumes when in my room and the gen is on, talk less of the sound it generates.
     Any of your visitors that mistakenly comes when they are around receives different levels of embaracement..(From mild to severe)
     Nothing you do ever pleases them, they look for the least excuse to attack, like the dogs they have… After a while we stopped caring what they thought.
     Then finally, we were asked to move, that they needed their house for personal use, if not for the stress of relocating, we would have left a long time ago, but as they gave us a reason/opportunity to leave, we grabbed it gladly…… We left there a week after the rent expired, they weren’t even around when we moved. Where we are now is much better and finer too.

Would miss that house sha, not for the kind of neighbour/Landfamily  we had but because of the location…..

Anyways, as we went house hunting, the first question we asked was ‘hope no landlord/landlady or landsister/brother/aunty etc ??


Till my next post… Stay positive.


11 thoughts on “Good Riddance

  1. chineze says:

    Nice house yeah,but nt worth all that…but I liked the dog tho,it was cute n friendly (´⌣`ʃƪ) …anyways have fun,n keep my room ever ready for me 🙂

  2. Rhyms says:

    Well, ur “land-parents” were lucky u guys don’t like wahala. If not, they wld have been the ones looking for a new place. What nonsense! I hope and pray they meet thier match with thier next tenants. No male visitors my foot. Na lesbians dem want? Useless landlord by mistake pple.

  3. iamthedemigoddess says:

    OMG! I’m so so happy to hear you moved that out of that house! I also experienced first hand the nasty attitude of your landlady and her mumu husband (and mine was severe embarrassment btw!). She had her husband’s mumu button in the palm of her hands! So glad you left! It’s really good riddance to bad rubbish!
    My regards to Kate and Pauline.
    NB: so sorry I’ve been incommunicado. This NYSC has taken the whole of my energy! Much love!

      1. iamthedemigoddess says:

        How can I lose weight? The only thing they have here is Yam. So we eat fried yam in the morning, boiled yam in the afternoon and pounded yam at night. I’d probably be competing with Iya Basira when I’m done with this service! Lmao!

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