Back n Better….

Hello people, it’s been so so terribly long, today makes it a year since my last post, so it’s merry Christmas, happy new year, happy val’s day in arrears and happy easter in advance.
hmmmmmm, please don’t ask me why, whatever reason you chose, it’s okay by me, all I’ll say is, it was a well deserved hiatus…..feels good to be back.


Alot has happened this past year, mostly good stuffs though, thank God, I’m sure it’s been the same for you..

Well, a couple of things have been on my mind recently, the first is this,

Do you think it’s right to judge a person by their past, especially when it doesn’t sit well with you? Let’s say A and B are in love, but A doesn’t want to date B because B has done some things in the past A didn’t like?…. Is it not possible for people to change especially for the one’s they love?
Personally I think we all have our past, and we shouldn’t let it get in the way of our present or future, it’s in d past, leave it there…. #Oton

When dating, who should love more, the guy or the girl, is it okay to be with someone who loves you more than you love them? Is it even enough reason to break up because someone loves you more than you love them?

And then;
Some people seem to be of the opinion that, when you meet a girl and you like yourselves, you don’t need to ‘ask out’ as is the tradition, that things will just develop naturally and both hearts will know what they want and the mouth doesn’t need to say what the heart feels just because that’s the conventional thing to do….
As for me, for clarity’s sake that mouth had better talk, the heart needs to know where it stands…:mrgreen:

And finally election is around the corner , it’s an election not a war, go and exercise your civil rights in peace, #vote right for a better Nigeria for us all.

Till my next post (hopefully not next year) 🙋


6 thoughts on “Back n Better….

  1. Esiri says:

    Past matters sometimes cause it sets a precedence for the present and future, so its necessary to know the past so you are better prepared.
    As for the “change”, they have made a lot of bogus promises, I pray God gives the President-Elect the wisdom and guidance to lead in the right part.

  2. joetech says:

    personally one has to talk o unless u wana hear tht ur friend whom u dying for is getting married to someonelse. define what u want no shaking. vote in peace(VIP). GODWIN.

  3. ispetu says:

    The past is important nd shldnt be kept and also if told, it shldnt be held onto…everyone got a past.
    As for the guy not talking well,guess there’s a better way to make things happen (the gal shld just talk) #JustKidding c’mon guy,yu need to hit the nail on the ********
    Yeah, vote for change but let’s be careful of the change we asking for….ensure y’all go out nd make the right choice. One Nigeria #VoteNotFight

  4. krisbanks says:

    ….its kinda though! bu I bliv when u’ve made peace wit ur past….the road ahead shud be smooth enuf for the both of u

  5. Angie says:

    i believe d past matters o, bcus when it comes to cheating dat one is just pathological for someppl and d cure shall not b me. Abeg o if u think I like u and I think u like me and u no ask me out bros that one na “friend zoning ” things o.
    Vote for Change!! But will dis change come over night ( in 4 yrs)? I remember dos days when gala and caprison were just 50naira, chai things sha changed o, so dis change ppl want hope na better change o.

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