Worthy and Wacky Quotes

Its never too late to wish you ‘happy new year’ so long as this is still the 1st month of the year. I’ve been off for a while and I was duly scolded for it, sorry about that but I’m here now. 🙂

Today I’m all about worthy and wacky quotes…. I ve tried to get a few, but would leave you to decide which is worthy or not.


* fight for your right doesn’t mean an antelope should stand up to a lion to prove that it’s made of flesh too… Be wise.

* the Cow who is in a hurry to go to America will eventually return as Corned Beef – hahahahahahaha…
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Sweet n Sour…

So I’m here, meant to be preparing for my upcoming exams… Buh as its been postponed to a future uncertain date, d ginger has gone down a little…so I decided to write down my thoughts…

Well still in the valentine spirit… How did yours go?? To those who had fun to the fullest… I’m glad for you, and pray your love keeps growing… To those who were beefing those having fun… Well my own prayer is that you find a reason to beef-no-more….before the next val’s day arrives……. *can I get a louder Amen to that*…..

As for my friends and i, it was one of a kind, we really had fun (in our own kind of way) a big thanks to those who made it possible *winks*


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Revealing the true colours – black or yellow


  1. Its so alarming these days, the way girls now tend to bleach themselves with all sorts of creams.. all in the name of ‘bringing out their true colour’
    The other day i was coming back from school and i saw a girl i used to know, i couldnt even recognise her, she was all ‘yellow’ ‘white’ ‘bleached’….. i’m even confused what word to use to describe what i saw….. i had to ask the person with me to confirm my suspicion… and i was right … she was the one. What the hell happened??????????????????? *we both know the answer* but i would say ‘JIK’ happened.

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